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International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Coming Soon (OTW: on the way). International Tourism and Hospitality Management (OTW: on the way). Hospitality Management (UCT: under construction)Managing Front Office Operations (UCT: under construction)Cost Management for Profitable Food and Beverage Operations (UCT: under construction)Convention Management and Services (UCT: under construction)Supervision in the Hospitality Industry (UCT: under construction)Hospitality Facilities, Management and Design (UCT: under … Continue reading International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Open Routes to Knowledge

The Open Sea to Knowledge can be navigated across many routes and towards many destinations. The choices to be made are in the mind and heart of the sailor. The voyage will not be always smooth and safe because the windstorms of ignorance, skepticism, bigotry, illiteracy, obtuseness and incomprehension will rock the ship and cause … Continue reading Open Routes to Knowledge