How Many Personality Traits Are There?

To answer this question, we need to take a brief history lesson and to describe the work of Gordon Allport, Raymond Cattell, Hans Eysenck, Paul Costa & Robert McCrae. This is worthwhile because many of the tests and much of the terminology developed in the last century by these psychologists is still in widespread use … Continue reading How Many Personality Traits Are There?


Ultimate Leadership Training Manual

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Leadership Styles

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Developing Self Awareness Developing Executive Presence The Agile Leadership: Adaptability Optimism: the hidden habit What Empathy has got to do with it? Humility The Talisman of Leadership The Power of Trust: A Steel Cable I Swear to Apollo Leading by Example A Leader's Mood A Bit of Perfume Degree … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence

Becoming a Leader

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