The strategic meaning of colors in marketing

Color has always been understood as something that appeals to our visual senses, and it is a tool frequently used in marketing. Countless studies have been conducted on the meaning of colors and the perception of colors in people’s mind. Why? Because it has been proved that some colors provoke in some parts of the … Continue reading The strategic meaning of colors in marketing


How to create a feeling when building a brand

There is much to learn from the marketing strategies applied, especially the strategies Steve Jobs implemented when he returned to APPLE after being absent for about ten years. STEVE JOBS fundamentals of marketing where basically founded on the strong belief of °I can reach any goals, I can do what I want to do, I … Continue reading How to create a feeling when building a brand

Observations on Leadership

1. Whatever dreams to undertake, start it. The audacity has genius, power, and magic-Goethe 2. Coherence is not blindness, stubbornness, limitedness, but awareness of your choices and acceptance of the responsibilities arising therefrom. It is clarity of intent and firmness of character. “Dr. Renato Morales 3. It is not a shame to be humble and … Continue reading Observations on Leadership

Observations on Education

1. A word is a bud attempting to become a twig. How can one not dream while writing? It is the pen which dreams. The blank page gives the right to dream. Gaston Bachelard 2. "If you can't get words up from the sheet, writing is useless." Dr. Renato Morales 3. "The word dies already … Continue reading Observations on Education

International Marketing

Introduction to Marketing Week 1 Introduction to Marketing week 2 International Marketing Welcome to the International Marketing Course Coursework of International Marketing HANDOUTS of International Marketing Coursework Week 2 Scope and goals of International Marketing The scope and goals of International Marketing and the international organizations Week 3 History and Geography the Foundation of Culture Week … Continue reading International Marketing

It Took LinkedIn’s CEO Exactly 2 Sentences to Give the Best Career Advice You’ll Hear Today

With a 97 percent employee approval rating on Glassdoor, LinkedIn's Jeff Weiner has developed a reputation as one of the most beloved CEOs in the world. Weiner recently shared his advice on what it takes to reach employees on a deeper level: Inspire, empower, listen & appreciate. Practicing any one of these can improve employee engagement; mastering … Continue reading It Took LinkedIn’s CEO Exactly 2 Sentences to Give the Best Career Advice You’ll Hear Today

Observations on Attitude

It is not possible to be bad boys for 24 hours in the day.” Elmore Leonard “It is fundamental to include a very important point: that the mental attitude decides on the course of the life.” Valter Giraudo ““If you have the just attitude, there will be the interesting problems to find you.” “The one … Continue reading Observations on Attitude