Criteria for Choosing a Broker

Criteria for Choosing a Broker As a new investor, it is important that you should start investing with the help of an experienced broker. Hence, it is very crucial that you should choose the right broker who can guide you to make stock trades in a wise manner. There are a few criteria that you … Continue reading Criteria for Choosing a Broker


Types of Brokers

There are various types of brokers who offer various kinds of services for buying and selling of stocks and various securities such as follows: Full Service Broker = ‘Full Service Brokers’ are the traditional brokers who are present since the start of stock exchanges across the world. Such full service stock brokers develop and maintain … Continue reading Types of Brokers

Types of Orders

As an investor and stock trader, you can place the following three types of orders on your stocks: Stop Order = ‘Stop Order’ is an order to buy or sell stock holdings when the market price reaches a certain level. Limit Order = Limit Order’ is a request to buy stock at any price up … Continue reading Types of Orders

Ratios for Valuing Firms

Price per Earning Ratio (P/E) There are a few key ratios that are used for valuing firms such as follows: Price to Earning Ratio (P/E) = The ‘Price-to-Earnings Ratio (PE)’ is defined as the market price of the stock divided by the Earnings-per-Share (EPS). This basically means it is what you would pay for $1 … Continue reading Ratios for Valuing Firms

Types of Analysis in Stock Trading

Types of Analysis in Stock Trading Before trading in stocks, various kinds of analysis is carried out by investors, financial experts, financial institutions, etc. to give an indication about the performance of a stock, its volatility etc. The following are a few key types of analysis performed on stocks:   Fundamental Analysis = The chief … Continue reading Types of Analysis in Stock Trading

Stock Split and Reverse Split

Stock Split and Reverse Split Stock Split = ‘Stock Split’ is a process through which a company splits its own shares to keep the price of its stock affordable and in a buying range. Generally, a stock price of $6-$100 per share is considered affordable.  A company may decide to split each of its shares … Continue reading Stock Split and Reverse Split

Various Stock Screening Criteria

Various Stock Screening Criteria It is very important that you should screen each and every stock that you intend to buy or sell before deciding on a purchase or sale. Screening the stock carefully on certain crucial criteria will help you make informed and wise decision to safeguard your money against risk as well as … Continue reading Various Stock Screening Criteria