Calculating the Return on Stocks

As an investor or stockholder, you can earn a return from a particular stock through a dividend or increases in the stock’s price. So, you can calculate the return on stock that you receive over a given period of time, by the following: For Example: A stock is purchased at $50.00 and sold at $54.00. … Continue reading Calculating the Return on Stocks


What is Dividend

Dividend’ represents the amount of profit distribution made to stockholders over the last year on a per share basis. Dividend is usually quoted in annual terms. However, usually dividends are paid out quarterly to stockholders. Now, the shareholder should multiply the dividend by the number of shares owned by him and the he will know … Continue reading What is Dividend

How to Read Stock Quotations

52 WEEK CYCLE The given table shows the data of stock pricing for ‘IBM’ for a 52-week Cycle. Now, you should first learn how to read the stock quotation. In any stock index across the world, the stock prices are always quoted on a ‘per-share basis’. There is a specific symbol assigned to each stock … Continue reading How to Read Stock Quotations

Calculating the Stock Pricing

You will need certain fundamental information to determine the value of a stock. You should first relate the true value of a stock in comparison to its market price. To find out this co-relation between the true value of a stock in comparison to its market price, you as an investor must decide whether the … Continue reading Calculating the Stock Pricing

Stock Indexes of the US

You can find out information about every stock and the important financial news for a given day from the financial indexes that are published in newspapers.  Many leading daily newspapers and daily publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Investors Daily publish the latest stock trading information for the various exchanges. It has been found … Continue reading Stock Indexes of the US

Steps of a Typical Stock Transaction

The following are the steps that are followed in any typical stock transaction: Placing of Buy/Sell Order = The first step of any stock transaction begins when a potential investor or buyer decides that he wants to buy a particular stock. For this purpose, the buyer places an offer to purchase the stock with a … Continue reading Steps of a Typical Stock Transaction

Common Stock Investing Strategies

You can use a number of different strategies for investing in stocks. The following are a few of the most common strategies for investing in stocks: Buy and Hold Strategy = A ‘Buy and Hold Strategy’ is the strategy of buying a financial asset and not selling it for an extended period of time. Hence, … Continue reading Common Stock Investing Strategies