Stock Indexes of the US

You can find out information about every stock and the important financial news for a given day from the financial indexes that are published in newspapers.  Many leading daily newspapers and daily publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Investors Daily publish the latest stock trading information for the various exchanges. It has been found that most stock indexes, even those quoted as representing the total market, only reflect a portion of the actual market. Therefore, any stock market index reflects ‘the market it represents’ and not ‘the whole market’.The following are some of the standard stock indexes in the US:

  • Standard and Poor (S & P): The 500 largest firms are listed on this index
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA): There are 30 large industrial firms that make up the daily Dow Jones Average that describes the market trading for the day
  • Standard and Poor (S & P) 600 Small Cap: This index publishes 600 small publicly traded companies
  • NASDAQ 100: This index lists the 100 firms that are traded on the NASDAQ exchange
  • stock market sectors

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