Omar Torrijos, the President of Panama, was one of the most democratic and respected leaders of the democratic movements in the American continent in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was considered a very charismatic leader and with a strong sense patriotism oriented towards the progress of his country and his people. Various attempted were made to control or manipulate his politics even through the enticing offers of ensured wealth and international privileges.


He always replied to the many foreign multinationals trying to bribe him off that he did not need any money but the support and welfare of his country. He intended to pay back to the USA all the American dollars invested for the development of the infrastructures built in Panama by foreign enterprises. He planed to help other Latin American countries in becoming independent and reaching the freedom from this omnipresent US multinationals. He saw in the foreign companies the reason and cause of the poverty of the Latin American people who were cruelly abused and impoverished by foreign powers.

He wanted to nationalize the Panama Straits and let the people of Panama in charge of its control and management. He refused any compromise, any bribery, any attempt made by the foreign companies in achieving the submission of his country.  In May 1981, after the murder of Roldos, Omar realized the imminent risk and he hurried a family reunion fearing he would be the next. However, he was at peace with himself because he knew he achieved what he did promised to his country.

For his, the Channel was supposed to be returned to the people of Panama and that there was no other point to discuss anything further with Jimmy Carter, the President of the USA. In June 1981, barely two months after the death of Roldos, Omar will also perish in a plane crash. It is a well known fact among the international lobbies of financial and political power that Omar was killed by CIA agents supported by economic killers. Few hours before the fatal flight, a bodyguard passed to Omar a recorder which contained a bomb.


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