Ecuador is another example of the effectiveness of use of “Economic Killers”. Since its foundation, the Republic of Ecuador has always been under the rule of pro-American brutal dictators.

But, in 1981, it was decided to hold the first democratic elections of the country. Jaime Roldos Aquileira  announced his candidacy proclaiming that one of his main goal, if elected, was to ensure that the resources of the Ecuador remained and be used only for the benefit and welfare of the people of Ecuador. Due to his popular views, he was elected winner of the presidential election with flooding majority. He was a completely unknown candidate and had won nothing before his presidency.


And he started to act accordingly to his political promises, He wanted to ensure that the revenues from the oil extraction and processes of refinery went to the people of Ecuador. Obviously, his plans were in opposition to the financial interests of the USA.

As matter of fact, professional and highly trained economic killers were sent to Ecuador to plant the seeds and rumors for the fall of Roldos. The initial approach were towards convincing him, bribing him, buying him, persuading him that the USA would have guaranteed to him and his family plenty of wealth and unimaginable benefits. But he was also warned that his political career would end if he did continue with his policies. Roldos was killed in a plane crash in the Andes near the Ecuadorean border with Peru.

The area of the crash site was delimited and declared restricted zone accessible only to the US military personnel of a nearby base and Ecuadorean special forces.  During the investigations, two witnesses died in mysterious road accidents  before they could release their testimonies in front of the court’s hearings. But the strange coincidences and events surrounding the death of Roldos kept going endlessly.

There are no doubts that it was a political homicide because Roldos could not and would not accept any attempts to conform to the dictating terms and conditions of the foreign multinationals, most of them from USA and heavily backed by the White House.



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