“There are two ways of conquer a nation. One is by the sword. The other by debt.” – John Adams, President of the United States of America (1735-1826)

john adams

“We, economic killers, have been and are the real responsible and guilty one for giving birth to the establishment of this first global empire by working in various ways”, John Perkins, former Chief Economist for Chas. T. Main Inc. and author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. “Probably the most common and fast way was to identify a country with lots of resources, which our government wanted, like oil or precious or rare minerals, then we operated by making sure that this targeted country was the recipient of loans from the World Bank or other affiliated institutions, but the money would never reach that country but was directed to the private or government business enterprises charged with and responsible for the infrastructural reconstruction of the country chosen. But also for projects these companies were controlling for building energetic plants, industrial sites, harbors and ports, and projects benefiting just a very much narrowly selected circle of rich and powerful people of that country linked or under control of our multinational companies. But surely the people was not going to even feel the benefits such investments.


At the end of the day, the all country, rich and poor people together, was left with an enormous debt behind. And the debt was so immense that could not be repaid at all and this was the real goal: ensuring that the country could never repay it in anyway. Therefore, when the situations were always in the verge of collapsing, we used to warn them, Furthermore, we advised them to accept the loss of real great amount of money but they could be forgiven for that if they could sell their oil at low prices to our oil companies, let us build military bases on your national territory, or sent your troops in our support whenever and wherever we demand from you, or vote the same way we do at the next UN session, let us manage the privatization of all public projects or national companies especially those involved in the distribution of water, electricity, gas, technology and resources, or sell your enterprises and their production to US companies and enterprises, or to multinationals controlled or under the control of the USA.”

Therefore, such strategies spread like an oil drop everywhere because this is the manipulative strategy used by the World Bank and the IMF. Both institutions operate in order to keep many countries under control, convince them to accept money at high interest to help their economic recovery. However, the debt was planned to be of such immense proportions that it was impossible to even paying the interest rate.

After the first debt default then the occupied countries are offered a refinancing of the debt but with higher rate of interests. And the borrowers are forced to sign a new agreement with these special conditions called “good governance” or “conditionality”.

All this implies that these countries must sell, better undersell, all their resources, including social services, public services, their education system, their legal system, even their insurance structure, their health infrastructure and, finally, their institutional apparatus in order to facilitate the complete takeover of the lending country or organization.

Therefore, even when these countries cannot afford, as they will never be able, to pay back not even the interests of their debts, the lending countries of organizations will receive as return of the loan they have issued a much higher rate of profit sometimes even double, triple, or even quadruple the total amount they have loaned plus full interests paid.



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