Marketing Operations and Strategies

    1.  101 Successful Sales Strategies
    2. ((OTW: on the way). The Starbucks Experience
    3. (OTW: on the way). High Performance Selling
    4. Introduction to Marketing
    5. International Marketing
    6. Advertisement-Management 
    7. Managing a Sales Team Successfully
    8. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix
    9. An Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy
    10. Brand Leadership 
    11. Brand Management
    12. (UTC: Under Construction). Business to Business B2B Marketing
    13. (UTC: Under Construction). Category Management
    14. The criticality of Client Relationship Management in Marketing Planning
    15. Competition Analysis
    16. (UTC: Under Construction). Consumer Behavior
    17. (UTC: Under Construction). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    18. (UTC: Under Construction). Customer Relationship Strategies
    19. (UTC: Under Construction). Digital Marketing
    20. (UTC: Under Construction). Focus Group
    21. (UTC: Under Construction). Leadership and Customer Loyalty
    22. Market Segmentation
    23. Marketing Mix
      1. Principles of Web Marketing System: Scope, Site, Synergy and System
    24. Marketing-Skills
    25. SWOT Analysis
    26. UTC: Under Construction). PESTLE Analysis
    27. (UTC: Under Construction). Porter Model of Competition
    28. Social Media Advertising
    29. (UTC: Under Construction). Retail SCM Distribution and Logistics
    30. Retail Store Operations and Store Management
    31. (UTC: Under Construction). Strategic Game Theory for Managers
    32. The Critical Management of Supply Chain
    33. Marketing Business Plan: Step by Step from Concept to Development
    34. (UTC: Under Construction). Business Networking
    35. Retail Management: an Introduciton
    36. The fundamental importance of marketing research
    37. Increasing the efficiency of a business plan through MOST Analysis (Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics)
    38. The Brand Identity Prism Concept of Kapferer

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