Human Resources and People Management

(OTW: on the way). Human Resources and People Management

  1. Human Resources
    1. (UCT: under construction)A framework for Human Resources Management
    2. (UTC: Under Construction). Sarbanes Oxley Act
    3. (UCT: under construction)Human Resources Management Strategies
    4. (UTC: Under Construction). Human Resource Management: the Effective Way
    5. (UTC: Under Construction). Coaching Skills
    6. (UTC: Under Construction). Compensation Management
    7. (UTC: Under Construction). Employee Selection Process
    8. (UTC: Under Construction). HR Consulting
    9. (UTC: Under Construction). Online Recruitment and Selection
    10. (UTC: Under Construction). Process of Employee Selection
    11. (UTC: Under Construction). Conducting Interview
    12. (UTC: Under Construction). Recruitment Skills
  2. (UCT: under construction)Strategic People Management
    1. (UCT: under construction)Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace
    2. (UTC: Under Construction). 360 Degree Feedback
    3. (UTC: Under Construction).  Constructive Feedback
    4. (UTC: Under Construction).  Employee Retention
    5. (UTC: Under Construction).  Employee Engagement
    6. (UTC: Under Construction). Johari Window
    7. (UTC: Under Construction). Knowing Your Employees
    8. (UTC: Under Construction).  Manpower Planning
    9. (UTC: Under Construction). Power of Feedback
    10. (UTC: Under Construction).  Succession Planning
    11. (UTC: Under Construction).  Target Orientation: Bull Eye
    12. (UTC: Under Construction).  Workplace Politics
    13. (UTC: Under Construction). Conflict Management
    14. (UTC: Under Construction). Handling Complaints



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