Geo-politics and Global Hegemony

Geo-politics and Global Hegemony

  1. Political Economics and Global Strategies since 1900 until now
    1. (OTW: on the way). Chapter 1 – The New Global Scenario, The Crisis of the 1930s and the New Deal
      1. (OTW: on the way). The Global Hegemony of the USA
      2. (OTW: on the way). The transitional process of the global political systems
      3. (OTW: on the way). The economic and political situation in Europe and the World
      4. (OTW: on the way). The crisis of 1929
      5. (OTW: on the way). The New Deal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    2. (UCT: under construction)Chapter 2 – Bretton Woods and Marshall Plan
      1. (UCT: under construction)The international scenario at he end of the Second World War and first half of the 1950s
      2. (UCT: under construction)The doctrine of John Maynard Keynes applied to the Bretton Woods’s  word
      3. (UCT: under construction)The US presidency of Harry S. Truman
      4. (UCT: under construction)The bipolarism USA and USSR and its consequences in the global economic-military scenario
      5. (UCT: under construction)NATO and the Pact of Warsaw
      6. (UCT: under construction)The decolonization until the 1960s
    3. (UCT: under construction)The Golden Age and the Social State
      1. (UCT: under construction)The central role of the markets and consumption in the USA
      2. (UCT: under construction)The new world economic order
      3. (UCT: under construction)The fast paced economic development from 1950 to 1973
      4. (UCT: under construction)The dominant characters of the “Giant Boom”
      5. (UCT: under construction)The end of the “Golden Age”
    4. (UCT: under construction)The crisis of the 1970s and process of Globalization
      1. (UCT: under construction)The new acquired power of the financial capital
      2. (UCT: under construction)The process of trans-nationalization of the economy
      3. (UCT: under construction)The crisis of the global dominance of the USA
    5. (UCT: under construction)The Reaganism or Reagan’s presidency
      1. (UCT: under construction)Neoliberalism
      2. (UCT: under construction)Public Debt
      3. (UCT: under construction)The new global economic system
    6. (UCT: under construction)The Italian Economics and Politics from 1960s to 1990s
      1. (UCT: under construction)Italian politics in the 1960s
      2. (UCT: under construction)The years of public protest and political fight and the strategy of social tension
      3. (UCT: under construction)Society and Economy between crisis and transformation
      4. (UCT: under construction)The difficult 1970s
      5. (UCT: under construction)The crisis of the political system and and the start of a new political phase
  2. ((OTW: On the Way).The Economic and Monetary System
    1. Economics from post-Middle Age to 21st Century
    2. Economics in The Middle Ages
    3. Economics in the Ancient World
    4. Money = Debt or The Fallacy of Monetarism
  3. (OTW: on the way). Political Studies
    1. (UCT: under construction)Contemporary British Culture and Society
    2. (UCT: under construction)Contemporary American Culture and Society
    3. The economics of war.
    4. (UCT: under construction)The Politics of Hegemony of China
    5. (UCT: under construction)Principles of Political Economy and Taxation
    6. (UCT: under construction)Global Economies and Financial Crisis. What is the Stress Test?



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