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Please refer to your favorite article section and click on your favorite title.

All articles will be provided with full reference, when available, or are to be considered original elaboration of the writer. If reference is found, it will be justly posted and mentioned accordingly.

If the reader shall find references not mentioned, the writer will be very pleased to be informed and acknowledged of the new information and will very much appreciated to be informed of the reference in order to post it on the website.

The writer will also personally express his gratitude to any such reader, because it would mean a lot to the writer on a personal and professional level.

  1. Business Management Articles
    1. Operations Management
    2. Business Management
    3. Six Sigma
    4. Human Resources Management
    5. Project Management
    6. Organization Management and Operations
    7. Office and Administration Management
    8. Safety and Security Management
    9. Operational Risk Management
  2. Economics and Finance Articles
    1. Banking Management
    2. Economics
      1. Seven ways to think like a 21st century economist
    3. Finance Management and Operations
      1. Business Quotes from Warren Buffet
    4. Geo-economics
      1. The economics of war.
    5. Macroeconomics
    6. Microeconomics
  3. Education Articles
    1. Educational Innovation
    2. Knowledge-based Topics
    3. Engagement Methodology
    4. Active Learning
      1.  Effective learning methods to master English language
  4. Contemporary Geopolitics and Global Analysis
    1. International Politics
      1. The Possible Scenario of the Nuclear Crisis in the Korean Peninsula and the Fundamental Role of China as Peacemaker
    2. Asian and Regional Politics
    3. European Politics
    4. American Politics
    5. Africa and Middle East Politics
  5. Leadership, Motivation and Self Development
    1. Motivation Strategies
    2. Leadership Strategies
    3. Self Development Techniques
      1. Six times Two (6×2) Mental Strategies to absolutely transform any common sales man is a magnet of business opportunities
  6. Reading and Suggested Library Collection
    1. Education
    2. Self Development
    3. Biographies
    4. History and Politics
    5. Untold History and Hidden Truth Articles
    6. Economics, Finance, Accounting, Business
    7. Tourism
    8. Operations Management
    9. Social Sciences
    10. Technology and Information Revolution Articles

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