Western Philosophy – Learning Goals


Week Topic Learning goals and objectives
1 Introduction Of Teaching Methods And Performance’s Expectations, Rules Of Discipline And Training Philosophy  
2 CCF 1 What_Is_Philosophy.Mp4

1)     Why Do You Do What You Do? Why Do You Think What You Think? Why Do You Feel What You Feel?

2)     Choices? Nothing Given – Assumptions

3)     Phylos And Mythos, Science And Storytelling

4)     Philosophy Or The Love Of Wisdom And Philosophy Or Academic Study Of Anything

5)     Science Vs Philosophy

6)     Origins Of Philosophy In Ancient Greece

7)     Main Divisions Of Philosophy (Metaphysics, Epistemolofy, Value Theory)

8)     Pursuit Of Aesthetics And Aestheticians

9)     Lofics, Arguments, Fallacy

10)  How To Understand And Evaluate World Views

11)  Step 1= Try To Understand (Principle Of Charity)

12)  Step 2 = Critical Evaluation (Why?)

CCF 2 How_To_Argue_-_Philosophical_Reasoning.Mp4

1)     The Value Of Reason – Rationality – Arguments

2)     How To Argue Philosophical Reasoning

3)     Structure Of Arguments – Tripartite Soul

4)     Puzzles, Paradoxes, Thought Experiments

5)     Premise And Conclusions

6)     Species Of Arguments

7)     Deductive Argument – Deductive Soundness

8)     Close Look At Deductive Reasoning

CCF 3 How_To_Argue_-_Induction___Abduction.Mp4

1)     Induction (Use Of Past Expeience For Future Predictions) – Inductive Argument

2)     Arguments, Probabilities

3)     Impossible, Probable, True

4)     Abduction – Abductive Argument

5)     Interlocutors – Counterarguments

6)     Actual Philosophy Conspiracy Theory

7)     Socratic Method

·        Understand the meaning of philosophy

·        Define choice and assumptions

·        Determine the difference between Phylos and Mythos

·        Evaluate the original role of philosophy as art of education

·        Assess the dichotomy between science and philosophy

·        Clarify the origin of philosophy

·        Verify

·        Identify the three dicisions of philosophy

·        Explain the meaning of aesthetics and aestheticians

·        Determine the difference between Lofics, arguments and fallacy

·        Understand and evaluate world views

·        Understand the meaning of value of reason, rationality and arguments

·        Define philosophical reasoning

·        Determine the structure of arguments

·        Evaluate what is tripartite soul

·        Assess puzzles, paradoxes and thought experiments

·        Clarify the difference between premise and conclusion

·        Verify what are the different species of arguments

·        Identify what is deductive argument

·        Explain deductive soundness

·        Review the concept of deductive reasoning

·        Understand

·        Define induction

·        Determine wjat is inductive argument

·        Evaluate the role of arguments and probabilities

·        Assess the difference between impossible, probable and true

·        Clarify what is abduction and abductive argument

·        Verify the distinction between interlocutors and counterarguments

·        Identify the meaning of actual philosophy conspiracy theory

·        Explain the socratic method

3 CCF 4 Leonardo_Dicaprio___The_Nature_Of_Reality.Mp4

1)     Difference From What Is Real And It Is Not

2)     Irreality Of Current Reality

3)     Plato And The Myth Of The Cave

4)     Questioned Relationship Between Appearance And Reality

5)     Materialism Is Or Is Not Realism

6)     Doing Philosophy Is Hard And Awesomeness Of Philosophy

7)     Process Of Philosophical Discovery

CCF 5 Cartesian_Skepticism_-_Neo,_Meet_Rene.Mp4

1)     Skepticism Cartesian Skeptcism

2)     Disbelieve Everything Empirical Belief

3)     Local Doubts And Global Doubts

4)     Five Minutes Hypothesis

5)     Radical Skepticism

6)     Cofito Ergo Sum

7)     Foundational Belief

8)     Clear And Distinct Idea

CCF 6 Locke,_Berkeley,___Empiricism.Mp4

1)     Empiricism As Response To Skepticism

2)     John Locke And His Distinction Beteen Primary And Secondary Qualities

3)     George Berkely And Why Ultimately Distinction Fall Apart

·        Understand the difference between what is real and is is not

·        Define irreality of current reality

·        Determine the thought of Plato and explain the myth of the cave

·        Evaluate the relationship between appearance and reality

·        Assess why materialism can be or not be realism

·        Clarify what is hard in making philosophical arguments and why philosophy is awesome

·        Explain the process of philosophical discovery

·        Identify the meaning of skepticism

·        Explain disbelieve everything versus emprical belief

·        Understand the difference between local and global doubts

·        Define the five minutes hypothesis

·        Determine what is radical skeptcism

·        Evaluate the meaning of cofito ergo sum

·        Assess the response of empiricism to skepticism

·        Clarify the distinction between primary and secondary qualities in john locke

·        Explain why Berkely sustains that ultimately distinction falls apart

4 CCF 7 The_Meaning_Of_Knowledge.Mp4

1)     Key Concepts Of Belief And Knowledge

2)     Definition Of An Assertion And Proposition

3)     Belief Is A Kind Of Propositional Attitude

4)     Forms Of Justification

5)     The Traditional Definition Of Knowledge

6)     Gettier Case

CCF 8  Karl_Popper,_Science,_And_Pseudoscience.Mp4

1)     Karl Popper

2)     His Insights Into Science. Pseudoscience And Knowledge

3)     Science Disconfrims

4)     Pseudoscince Confirms

·        Understand the key concept of belief and knowledge

·        Define assetion and proposition

·        Determine why belief is a kind of propositional attitude

·        Evaluate forms of justification

·        Assess the traditional definition of knowledge

·        Clarify Gettier’s case

·        Verify Karl Pepper’s theory

·        Identify Pepper’s insights into science

·        Explain what is pseudoscience and knowledge for Pepper

·        Understand why science disconfirms and pseudoscience confirms

              5 CCF 13 The_Problem_Of_Evil.Mp4

1)     Problem Of Evil

2)     Different Theodicies

3)     Responses To Theodicies

CCF 14 Anti-Vaxxers,_Conspiracy_Theories.Mp4

1)     Epistemic Responsibility

2)     W. K. Clifford’s View

3)     William James’ View

CCF 15 Indiana_Jones___Pascal_S_Wager.Mp4

1)     Religious Pragmatism

2)     Pascal’s Wager

3)     Fideism

4)     Kierkegaard’s Leap To Faith

·        Understand and define the problem of evil

·        Define the different theodicies

·        Determine the responses to theodicies

·        Evaluate and clarify the epistemic responsibility

·        Assess the view of Clifford

·        Clarify the view of James

·        Identify what is religious pragmatism

·        Explain the wager of Pascal

·        Review the concept of fideism

·        Understand the leap to faith of kirkegaard

6 CCF 16 Existentialism.Mp4

1)     Jean Paul Sartre

2)     Essentialism

3)     Existantialism

CCF 17 Perspectives_On_Death.Mp4

1)     Death

2)     Socrates

3)     Epicurus

4)     Zhuangzhi

5)     Fearing Death Of Yourself

6)     Fearing Death Of Loved Ones

7)     Thomas Nagel

8)     Thomas Nagel

CCF 18 Batman___Identity.Mp4

1)     Different Ways Of Understanding Identity

2)     A. Indiscernibility Of Identicals

3)     B. Essential And Accidental Properties

4)     How Changes Affect Identity

5)     Persistence

CCF 19 Personal_Identity.Mp4

1)     Personal Identity

2)     Body Theory

3)     Memory Theory

4)     Why Identity Matters

·        Understand the ideas of Sartre

·        Define essentialism

·        Determine existentialism

·        Evaluate the idea of death

·        Assess the thoughts of socrates

·        Clarify the ideas of epicurus

·        Verify the thinking os zhuangzhi

·        Identify the reason of fear of death of yourself and your loved ones

·        Explain the ideas of thomas nagel

·        Review the different ways of understanding identity

·        Understand what is indiscernibility of identicals

·        Define the essential and accidental properties

·        Determine how changes affect identity

·        Evaluate the meaning os persistence

·        Assess what is personal identity

·        Clarify the nody theory

·        Verify the memory theory

·        Identify why identity matters

7 CCF 20 Arguments_Against_Personal_Identity.Mp4

1)     Personal Identity

2)     Hume’s Bundle Theory

3)     Parfit’s Theory Of Survival

CCF 21 Personhood.Mp4

1)     Personhood

2)     Genetic

3)     Social

4)     Science

5)     Gradation

CCF 22 Where_Does_Your_Mind_Reside.Mp4

1)     Where The Mind Resides

2)     Reductive Physicalism

3)     Substance Dualism

4)     Mysterianism

CCF 23 Artificial_Intelligence___Personhood.Mp4

1)     Artifical Intelligence

2)     Weak AI

3)     Strong AI

4)     Definition Of Strong AI

5)     The Turing Test

6)     The Chinese Room

7)     William Lycan

8)     Harry

9)     Brother John

·        Understand the concept of personal identity

·        Define the bundle theory of hume

·        Determine the theory of survival of Parfit

·        Evaluate the concept of personhood

·        Assess the idea of genetics

·        Clarify the idea of social

·        Verify the idea of science

·        Identify the main value of gradation

·        Explain where the mind resides

·        Review the concept of reductive physicalism

·        Understand the substance of dualism

·        Define the meaning os mysterianism

·        Determine the concept of Artifical Intelligence

·        Evaluate what is weak and what is strong AI

·        Assess the definition of strong AI

·        Clarify the value of the turing test

·        Verify the idea of the chinese room

·        Identify the different approaches of Lycan and Harry

·        Explain the meaning of Brother John

8 Week 8 Mid Term Written Test Quiz 20% (Covering academic profram covered from Week 1 to 7)
9 CCF 24 Determinism_Vs_Free_Will.Mp4

1)     Libertarian Free Will

2)     Hard Determinism


1)     Compatibilism

2)     Free Actions In A Deterministic World

3)     Frankfurt Cases

4)     Patricia Churchland

CCF 26 Language___Meaning.Mp4

1)     Meaning

2)     Sense And References

3)     Beetles In A Boxes

4)     Language Games

5)     Bananas Are Chom Chom

CCF 27 Netflix___Chill.Mp4

1)     Conversational Implicature

2)     The Cooperative Principle

3)     Four Main Maxims Of Successful Communication

4)     Paul Grice

5)     Performative Utterances

6)     Bananas Are Chom Choms

·        Understand the idea of libertarian free will

·        Define what is hard determinism

·        Determine what is compatibilism

·        Evaluate the meaning of free action in a deterministic world

·        Assess the frankfurt cases

·        Clarify the ideas of patricia curchland

·        Verify meaning of language

·        Identify sense and references

·        Explain the role of language games

·        Review the reasons why bananas are com com

·        Understand what are conversational implicature

·        Define the four main maxims of successful communication

·        Determine the principle of paul grice

·        Evaluate what are performative utterances

·        Clarify why bananas are chom chom

10 CCF 30 Aesthetic_Appreciation.Mp4

1)     Art And Aesthetic Appreciation

2)     What Makes Something An Artwork

3)     Whether Art Canbe Defined

4)     Whether Aesthetic Value Is Objective Or Subjective

5)     The Development Of Taste

CCF 31 Aesthetics.Mp4

1)     R. G. Collinwood’s idea Of Art

2)     Aristotle’s Concept Of Catharsi

3)     The Paradox Of Fiction

4)     The Debate Between Autonomism And Moralism

CCF 32 Metaethics.Mp4

1)     Metaethics

2)     Three Forms Of Moral Realism

3)     Descriptive And Normative Cultural Relativism

4)     Moral Subjectivism

5)     Concept Of Ethical Theory

·        Understand what is art and aesthetic appreciation

·        Define the meaning of artwork

·        Determine aesthetic value

·        Evaluate the meaning of taste

·        Assess the concept of art of collingwood

·        Clarify the Catharsi of aristotle

·        Verify the paradox of fiction

·        Identify the debate between autonomics and moralism

·        Explain what is metaethics

·        Review the three forms of moral realism

·        Understand the difference between descripttive and normative cultural relativism

·        Define moral subjectivism

·        Determine the concept of ethical theory

11 CCF 33 Divine_Command_Theory.Mp4

1)     Divine Command Theory

2)     Eutyphro Problem

CCF 34 Natural_Law_Theory.Mp4

1)     Aquina’s Natural Law Theory

2)     The Basic Goods

3)     Natural Law

4)     The Is-Ought Problem

·        Understand the divine command theory

·        Define the problem of eutyphro

·        Determine the natual law of theory of aquinas

·        Evaluate the basic goods

·        Assess the natural law

·        Clarify the IS-Ought problem

12 CCF 35 Kant___Categorical_Imperatives.Mp4

1)     Kant’s Ethics

2)     Hypothetical And Categorical Imperatives

3)     The Universalizability Principle

4)     Autonomy

5)     Treating People As Ends-In-Themselves

CCF 36 Controversy_Of_Intelligence.Mp4

1)     Defining Intelligence

2)     Types Of Intelligence

3)     G-Factor

4)     Sherlock Holmes

5)     Intelligence Testing

6)     IQ Scores

7)     Eugenics

8)     Intelligence Controversy

CCF 37 Contractarianism.Mp4

1)     Contractarianism

2)     Hobbe’s State Of Nature

3)     The Prisoner’s Dilemma

4)     Benefit And Costs Of Violating The Contract

·        Understand the ethics of kant

·        Define hypothetical and categorical imperatives

·        Determine the principle of universalizability

·        Clarify the meaning of treating people as ends-in-themselves

·        Define intelligence

·        Identify types of ointelligence

·        Explain what is G-factor

·        Understand sherlock holmes

·        Define intelligence testing

·        Determine the value of IQ stores

·        Evaluate the meaning eugenics

·        Assess the intelligence controversy

·        Clarify what is contractarianism

·        Verify the state of nature in Hobbes

·        Identify the meaning of the Prisoner’s dilemma

·        Explain what are the benefits and costs of violating the contract

13 CCF 38 Aristotle___Virtue.Mp4

1)     Virtue Theory

2)     Golden Mean

3)     Moral Exemplars

4)     Eudaimonia

CCF 39 Moral_Luck.Mp4

1)     Moral Luck

2)     Moral And Casual Responsibility

3)     Praise And Blame

CCF 40 What_Is_Justice.Mp4

1)     Theories Of Justice

2)     Just Distribution

3)     Approaches To Punishment

·        Understand the theory of virtue

·        Define the concept of golden mean

·        Determine what are moral exemplars

·        Evaluate what is eudaintonia

·        Assess what is moral luck

·        Clarify what is moral and causal responsibility

·        Verify what is praise andblame

·        Identify theories of justice

·        Explain what is just distribution

·        Understand what are the approaches to punishment

14 Week 14 Pre Final Exam Written Test 20% (Covering academic profram covered from Week 8 to 12)


15 CCF 41 Discrimination.Mp4

1)     Discrimination

2)     Cases Of Discrimination

3)     Responses To Those Cases

4)     Views On When To Discriminate

CCF 42 Non-Human_Animals.Mp4

1)     More Considerations Regarding Non-Human Animals

2)     Views From Singer And Cohen

3)     Concept Of Equal Consideration Of Interests



·        Understand the concept of discrimination

·        Define case of discrimination

·        Determine the responses to these cases

·        Evaluate views on when to discriminate

·        Assess more considerations regarding non human animals

·        Clarify the views of singer and cohen

·        Verify the concept of equal consideration of interests





General Review of all Homework, Research and Assignments before final exams ·        The student will learn the importance of timely delivery of all the required homework, research papers, assignment

·        The student will comprehend that well elaboratedand compiled studying documentation goes a long way in being rewarded and placed in high consideration

Week 16 Homework and research 10% (Homework 5% + Research 5%)


              17 Week 17 Pre Final Exam Written Test 20% (Covering academic profram covering from Week 13 to 16)



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