Western Philosophy – Course Preface

Course Preface

This course aims to develop deep understanding and conceptual knowledge of Western Philosophy, from Ancient Greece to Contemporary Schools of Thoughts while, at the same time, it seeks to promote and motivate the student’s learning of Western Philosophy not only as a social and humanistic discipline but also as a fundamental educational tool to fully comprehend the various Schools of Thougths across the centuries while at the same time developing thinking and dialectical skills in philosophical critical analysis of concepts and ideas.

The course will be delivered, exclusively, in English as the recofnized language of the international global business world. However, from time to times, there will be occasions when Greek, Latin, Italian, French and German will be used in order to present various philosophic ways of thinking and currents of conceptual discussions.

This course and the book aim to provide the students with the fundamental notions needed for the achievement of the required educational standard of comprehension and competency in Western Philosophy. The additional material offered has the scope to further complement and support the overall learning and educational goals the student is expected to possess at the end of the course.

One thing that is clearly paramount for the course’s success is the need to deliver quality education through interactive participation and relaxing class environment where positive environment stimulates learning initiative and teamwork.

The teaching will reflect and promote the interpersonal communication and social skills needed to prepare the student for the future occupational life. Teamwork, peer interaction, social responsibility and leadership development are encouraged throughout the course tofether with study planning and organizational and time management skills.

Furthermore, an appreciation of Western Philosophy as an eduactional tool to discovr and appreciate western world’s culture and thoughts – and the importance of language knowledge in particular – is a strong, and hopefully, novel feature for a course of this nature. In attempting to understand the importance of Western Philosophy and English language, this course also aims to be international in its focus and its use of sources and examples.


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