What is Open Sea to Knowledge (OS2K)

Open Sea To Knowledge or OSK is created with the purpose to offer to the web community a source of knowledge, information, research and blogs of alternative open and free discovery and exploration on various topics covering many aspects of the spectrum of human education, expertise, know-how, learning and progress by analyzing the past for understanding the present and being aware for what the future will reveal to us.

As an Open Sea this web-blog touches everyone from any country and shore in the world. The waves of the Seas travel every longitude and latitude blessings islands and continents with unfaltering fairness, equal delicate blessing or rough storming waves. OSK is a place for global fairness and unimaginable plain truth of world matters observed through lens powered by the principle that nothing is what it seems to be and that no truth is fundamentally true but a masked lie told in a very convincing and mind-blowing methodology.

In the era of progress, the most effective and effective mean of influential power is Knowledge and the mastering, the control, the management and the systematic twisting of Knowledge exercised by those in command in the inaccessible rooms of power.

This site wants to offer you and open door to diverse and different view of world affairs, historical events, global issues and social concerns and actual matters without any barriers built by political correctness, religious blinders, cultural obstacles or stereotyped analysis of the establishments.

OSK aims of being an eye opener of what happened, happens and might happen around us which is considered forming the history of human kind. An eye opener is considered necessary to discover if the history we know is the real history or what we must know because this is what we are dictated to know and learn.

Obviously, the fundamental point is if the educational system used to teach the young generations is adequate to prepare them for their life’s challenges. The crucial question is if is there a country which can proudly bestow on itself the honor to provide and profess the best educational system? and how could be define the best educational system?

The knowledge promoted and spread through the educational system is the best available to be taught or learnt or the only possible because it is within the boundaries of mind control and brain washing established by the lobbies in power.

OSK is not and does not pretend to be the ultimate answer to the infinite WHYs, WHATs, WHEREs, WHOs, WHICHs and HOWs inquired by free minders and seekers of untold truths or stories. OSK aims, in his small dimension, to offer further  enlightening lights to the many darkened spots of truth hidden away to the common people but fully accessible by those in power.

OSK takes the stand of being open but not critical by principle to the political systems or lobbies of power. But like the sea, the knowledge sought, found, shared and debated is an open treasure of discovery belonging to all humans as the sea blessing and caressing every shores of the earth regardless of the people living on the lands.

The OSK is the ship sailing for unchartered routes and unknown destinations towards unfamiliar and unheard of truths and stories about the enormous amount of untold secrets and mysteries never revealed.

The choice to navigate the Open Sea is a personal choice and is based on free will and desire and, even once on board, the reader can, at anytime, decide to get off the ship. There are no whatsoever conditions or terms of acceptance to be agreed upon before, during or after.

Open Sea to Knowledge is completely, fully, naturally and literally Open for sailing to as many shores of truth as desired or preferred. There is no planned trip or fixed route. The reader decides where and when to sail and where and when to come ashore. The fundamental principle is that any navigation begins, progresses and stops at free will with open mind to open knowledge.

Bon Voyage


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