Open Routes to Knowledge

The Open Sea to Knowledge can be navigated across many routes and towards many destinations. The choices to be made are in the mind and heart of the sailor. The voyage will not be always smooth and safe because the windstorms of ignorance, skepticism, bigotry, illiteracy, obtuseness and incomprehension will rock the ship and cause hopelessness and discomfiture or, even, downheartedness.

But as the sailor goes along the journey and more confidence is gained in the mastery and governance of the unfavorable events and undesirable obstacles, then the fear and despair are overcome and suppressed by a new energizing and revitalizing sensation of conquered boldness and resoluteness.

As the quest for knowledge does never drain out of destinations, more routes will be offered the bravest sailors with unbeatable and invincible spirit  of mind and heart. The immenseness and vastness of the Open Sea to Knowledge is a tremendous fertile area for unearthing hidden knowledge and pioneering new terrains with the seeds of insatiable yearning and appetence for truth.

Be that as it may, there can be no allowance made for any blindness or narrow-mindedness fabricated and fathered by the walls of racism, religion, political ideals, social values, gender discrimination and nationalisms. The voyage across The Open Sea to Knowledge shall be carried out and performed free from any sphere of conditioning. These walls must be  flattened and razed to the ground and replaced by new the new paradigms of free and open knowledge.

The Open Routes to Knowledge will, from time to time, updated and extended towards new shores. In the meantime, open sailing is offered and available towards these islands of wisdom and discernment.


  • When articles are not yet ready but on the way, you will notice in brackets the following key note after the topic’s title (OTW: on the way).
  • If the article is still under construction then next to topic’s title you will notice the following key note (UCT: under construction).
  • When there is a new route under exploration or planned to be explored in the near future then your will see the following key note next to the route’s title (ONF: on the near future).
  1. Economics: Studies and Research
  2. Economics: History & Philosophy
  3. Business Operations and Management 
  4. Marketing Operations and Strategies
  5. Business Economics (Introduction to Business Management)
  6. Finance and Globalization
  7. Education: Learning Tools and Teaching Methods
  8. Geo-politics and Global Hegemony
  9. History: The known and unknown
  10. Human Resources and People Management
  11. International Tourism and Hospitality Management
  12. Leadership Management
  13. Philosophy and Noetic Science
  14. Project Management and Total Quality Management

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